The Bangs Are Back

The design on this scarf totally reminds me of Van Gogh’s paintings!

*Cue the High School Musical 3 song*

A lot of the people I know have a strong attachment to their hair. They almost never cut it, and when they do, they chop off an inch and proceed to complain for weeks about how they don’t like it. And I get it, because hair is a part of you. It grows while you do, right out of your skull where your most personal thoughts reside.

I’ve never been particularly attached to my hair’s appearance. It’s always been a way for me to experiment. Most of the time the results were pretty good, but others were downright awful (I’m looking at you, shaved side from yesteryear). If you had asked me three weeks ago if I was going to get a haircut, I would’ve said heck no! I wanted to grow it out to the length that it was my freshman year of college, halfway down my back.

However, I woke up a few days ago and looked in the mirror. My hair brushed the tips of my shoulders, which was the longest it had been in over a year and a half. I didn’t have bangs, which I had sworn off of because I didn’t like how they looked with my glasses. The streak of red dye was nearly washed out. And I had an identity crisis.

Long hair no longer feels like an accurate representation of who I am. It’s high maintenance, it gets in the way, and it gets too frizzy out in the humid Florida weather. It makes me feel like I’m trying too hard. So, I chopped it to the length you see in the picture above and gave myself some bangs. And now I’m celebrating!

Celebrate the bangs!

I love having short hair, and in a way I’m attached to it, just like my friends are attached to their long hair. And that’s okay! I’ll probably wake up one morning, change my mind, and decide to let it grow out. Such is the nature of my brain.

Are you attached to a certain hairstyle/haircut? Or do you grow it out and cut it short however you please?


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