Flared Jeans and Lace up Heels


Check out my dog

Today my family visited my sister’s best friend’s house (hey Daniel!). My sister and Daniel have been besties for quite a while, so naturally the parents on both sides wanted to get to know each other. Daniel’s family lives in a cute townhouse community with a huge outdoor space where people go jogging and walk their extremely fluffy dogs. Let me tell you, those dogs were EXTREMELY fluffy. There’s also a lake and a ton of ducks, and we had a lot of fun running around and taking funny photos.


I found this pair of Calvin Klein flares at Goodwill a while ago, and I thought they would look great with this pair of lace up heels that I bought at Target. The heels were a bit of a splurge but I’m really glad that I got them! They have that dressy look that I prefer, but they’re still very practical, thanks to the block heel. Of course, I still couldn’t keep up with my sister in them.

I’m wearing a Burt’s Bee’s Lipstick in Juniper Water. I bought another color after I said in my previous review that I wouldn’t 😛

This striped shirt is from the shop @hiamerika on Depop! It totally has a stain on the front because I didn’t wash it after I dropped some sauce on it. I wore it anyway because I figured no one would actually care.

I’m going to vote tomorrow for the first time and I’m really excited. Make sure to get out and vote if you’re registered! Your vote actually does matter, despite what others may tell you.

Outfit Review:

Top: Depop @hiamerika (seriously my fave store)

Jeans: Calvin Klein, bought at Goodwill

Heels: Target

Lipstick: Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lipstick in Juniper Water.


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