Ruru Victoria Haul

I didn’t think that I was going to find a booth full of anime merchandise (and stolen digital art?) at the Miami Youth Fair. And I certainly didn’t think I would find a booth as cute as Ruru Victoria’s. While I can’t say I was impressed by the former, I fell I love with the latter!

Ruru Victoria is a brand that focuses on Harajuku/Fairy Kei/ kawaii fashion and accessories. I wish I had taken pictures to show you just how cute the booth was. I think it really stood out from the other ones! There were stuffed animals (lots of alpacas!), pastel sweaters, cute chokers, and pretty bags!

I was lucky to have the chance to visit their booth more than once. The first time I visited was during a free-admission-for-students day. I almost missed the booth entirely because I wasn’t paying attention, but luckily I did a double take and noticed it. The second time was on a day that I volunteered for a canned food drive, so I got into the fair for free that day, as well. And finally, I went back a third time with my cousins and my brother! They helped me pick what to buy.

Here’s some of the cute stuff I got from Ruru Victoria! I bought a couple of things each time I visited, because your girl has no self control.

Gudetama and Totoro pins! I also got a cute Rilakkuma pin for my sister.
A Bananya plush keychain. Not sure what’s up with the coloring in this photo 😬
Wing backpack/purse! The wings are detachable, which is good in case I’m in a scenario that they wouldn’t be appropriate in.
Lucky cat collar pins + chain

My favorite purchase was definitely the wing backpack! It’s so cute, and the straps can be moved so it turns into a purse. My second favorite item would have to be the lucky cat collar chain, although I won’t get to wear it often because I don’t own many collared pieces. A purchase that I made but forgot to photograph was a leather choker with a heart in the center. Everyone says it makes me look like a pet, haha.

I didn’t realize how much I had bought from the shop until I wrote this post. It was all too cute to pass up! Also when it’s birthday season I tend to go on a spending spree. 😅

If you’re interested in checking out Ruru Victoria definitely do! They’re going to be at SuperCon Retro and they also have a Storenvy.

💖 Karina 


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