Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

wet n wild lip cushion3
Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Cream in Melon it Like it Is

I’m gonna get straight to the point: I don’t like this product. BUT! Your mileage may vary.

I bought this product purely because of the packaging. It has a cute person on it with blush and long lashes and dark black bangs. Way to win me over? Give a person dark black bangs. Lol. The tube is a darker and dustier pink than the actual product’s color.

wet n wild cushion lip1 (4)
I think this photo makes the color look much more saturated than it actually is. It’s actually a rather chalky coral.

What I like about this product:

  • The color is pretty wearable in my opinion (because of said chalkiness). Of course, your opinion may differ. But I find that very saturated pinks in this color range tend to look too garish on me.
  • The sponge applicator is super cute and precise. If your lips are on the smaller side, it may not be precise enough for you. I drew the heart in the photo above using the applicator, and I only had to clean up a little bit near the pointy bit.
  • It does make it through a meal if you’re using utensils and not eating anything too greasy.

What I don’t like about it:

  • It’s matte and I was expecting a gloss (I know this isn’t really a valid complaint lol- I should have read the packaging)
  • It settles into fine lines and goes on patchy if I haven’t exfoliated my lips. Let’s be real, who exfoliates their lips every single time they apply lipstick?
  • The sponge applicator has a little hole in the middle that got clogged with dried out product, despite me having used it the day before. I had to clean it out with a needle.
  • If it doesn’t make it through a meal, I have to wipe it off completely in order to reapply.

Would I recommend it?

Not really, unless most matte lip creams have worked for you. If you still want to try it, it’s only $5 at Walgreens. The other shades are very, very cute and perfect for spring.

💖 Karina


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